Stephanie Lance

Stephanie believes that each student has the potential to grow and thrive emotionally, socially, and intellectually. She is dedicated to learning about her students’ experiences and creating a safe and supportive classroom for her students to develop a sense of communal belonging, challenge themselves, reason, reflect on their learning, and advocate for themselves and others. […]

Samantha Sevilla

I am so happy to be part of the HTeM team! Here’s a little bit about me: I am a San Diego native, I grew up in the North Park area but did all of my schooling in Point Loma. I studied Psychology and Child Development at San Diego State where I received my B.A. […]

Rhea Manguil

Rhea absolutely loves teaching High Tech Elementary Mesa. She has been with High Tech since 2007 and continues to thoroughly enjoy growing and learning as a teacher, mother, and human being. She earned her teaching credential at San Diego State and recently earned a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership at the HTH Graduate School of Education. […]

Rizelle Murallon

Hello families and visitors! My name is Rizelle Murallon, and I am so excited to continue my work with the High Tech High organization, as a first grade teacher! A little bit about myself: I grew up both in the Bay Area and in Sacramento, but always had a love for San Diego’s beautiful weather […]

Paula Camarda

I have been with the High Tech organization for 10 years and currently serve as the Site Manager at HTeM. For the past 10 years, I have worked at High Tech Elementary Explorer and am very excited to begin a new chapter at HTeM. What I love most about my job is building relationships with […]

Monique Knight

More than anything else, I feel my true calling is in the classroom with teachers and students. And it is this love for classroom teaching and learning that I hope to bring to my leadership role at HTe Mesa. Prior to joining the High Tech High community, I taught primary grades in New York City […]