Seniors Squared 2012

Seniors for Seniors is a joint effort between High Tech High and Senior Community Centers that aims to connect two groups that are often very isolated from each other – senior citizens and high school seniors. We feel that students have a great deal to learn from our communities aging population…

The Blood Bank Project

A collaboration between Jeff Robin, art teacher, and Blair Hatch, multimedia and physiology teacher.

27 Ways to Make You Smile

A bilingual multicultural cookbook made possible by the work of a 23 tenth-grade students at High Tech High in San Diego, CA. Each student contributed at least one special recipe from their own family or community.

Absolute Zero

A High Tech High project from the class of 2010. Created in the Fall 2009 Semester, this book covers an array of topics from Andrew Gloag’s senior physics class.

Birds of the San Diego River

Birds of the San Diego River The Birds of the San Diego River is a study by the senior students at Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High where project-based learning (PBL) is practiced. This project is a collaboration of Brandon Cohen, an environmental science teacher, and Blair Hatch, a multimedia teacher.

Black Holes: What are they?

Written by Ethan Chan and Michael Thompson, currently 9th grade students at High Tech High. The books explains the concept of black holes in a manner simple enough for a child to understand.