Hello! My name is Amanda Borow and I am excited to be continuing with the 4th grade team at HTeCV. I love working with 4th grade students at HTeCV and look forward to making connections with my future fourth grade students and their families. I believe that education can empower students to critically engage with the world around them as life long learners. I view the classroom as a space in which students not only work to develop their skills as readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists but also as members of a community and society. I am excited to share my love of questions with my students – I believe that questions are the foundation of learning in all disciplines and will encourage curiosity and exploration in my classroom. I believe that each child deserves to feel a sense of belonging in their community and should be confident in their own identity. In our classroom we celebrate and explore diversity to cultivate students’ empathy and compassion for everyone and their ability to respect how others might be different from themselves! Social justice focused projects allows our students to deepen their understanding of themselves, ideas of justice and and how they can make changes in the world around them. I am looking forward to the learning adventures we will have together! Amanda

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