It is my 10th year teaching at HTH. After graduating with a BS in Chemistry, I worked in industry for 3 years primarily as an environmental wet chemist. Seeking a more interpersonal edge to my career, I decided to try my hand at teaching, and it is a decision that I am grateful to have made. Although my initial plan was to pursue a graduate degree in Chemistry, teaching quickly became a passion. Instead, I obtained my educator credentials in both Science and Math and later acquired my Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership from the HTH GSE. xe2x80x8bMy current focus as an educator is to work with and dream big with colleagues about how we can push the boundaries of what we can achieve in education. This has led me to develop an ever increasingly inclusive classroom where individual effort is the focus. My practice grows through a collaborative effort with my class – as I work to bring out the best in my students, they inspire the best in me.

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