As a San Diego native I have always felt a strong sense of responsibility to make my city a great place to learn. I wanted to have the educational environment in our schools mirror the natural beauty that surrounds us. As I completed my Special Education Credential and Masters at The University of San Diego, I knew I wanted to be an Education Specialist in a great school system within San Diego. My degree allowed me to focus on the different philosophies within education and the social obligation to defend and protect all of our kids as they grow. I have spent the last 5 years at High Tech Elementary in Point Loma working as an Inclusion Specialist across all K-5 grade levels. My experiences within High Tech have solidified my sense of duty to advocate for kids with special needs. The inclusive foundation of our school system is what drew me to expand my knowledge further with a diverse community. Through High Tech’s PBL model, I am lucky to support students and help foster their own magical curiosity in their learning through hands-on projects. Through team collaboration between students, family and teachers, I ensure that all voices and perspectives are heard, seen and valued. It is High Tech’s inclusive setting that allows me to facilitate an understanding among students that all types of learners are key members of a strong community. I feel passionate that in order to provide equitable learning opportunities it is crucial to assist students in developing relationships with diverse populations, and with that cultivate empathetic hearts. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be working and learning at HTeMesa with wonderful staff and I am excited to be the Kindergarten and Third Grade Inclusion Specialist! Outside of school you’ll find me either playing with my dog (Penny), trampling along a new trail, camping across the country in search for the perfect mountain sunrise, or perfecting my stir-fry recipe!

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