Brittany Perro is a Massachusetts native who grew up in the small town of Northbridge, and made her way to the city of Boston to attend Emerson College. It was at Emerson that Brittany realized her greatest purpose in life: to make a positive impact on the world around her. She decided the best way she could do that was in the classroom. After graduating, Brittany began her teaching career as a 2011 Teach For America Corps Member in San Antonio, TX. She loved everything about teaching and working with her students, and even received the great honor of being named her school’s Teacher of the Year, but felt the urge to move closer to her family and explore some additional artistic passions. In the fall of 2013, she moved back to the Boston area. Brittany spent three years working at software companies during the day and performing improv comedy at night. Brittany realized that she deeply missed her title of “Ms. Perro” and decided to seek teaching opportunities that allowed her to be creative and continue making a positive impact on the people around her. Combining her artistic abilities with her love for teaching, Brittany became an Art Teacher at Brooke Charter School in East Boston, MA in 2016. At Brooke, Ms. Perro taught Art to 540+ K-8 students for two wonderful years and loved every minute of it. In 2018, Brittany’s partner, Brenna, became a doctor and matched for her medical residency at UCSD in California! They moved to San Diego together and fell in love with the city. Brittany is absolutely THRILLED to be joining the High Tech Middle North County team as a “Maximizer” and can’t wait to get to know the students, families, and staff that makes up the HTMNC family! In her free time, Brittany loves to go to the pool or beach, go for (short) runs, read lots of books, draw pictures of her friends and family, watch silly comedy, make up ridiculous songs and videos and put them on YouTube, sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” at Karaoke, make her way to the center of every dance circle with her impressive moves, make babies laugh, go to rallies and get involved in human rights causes, and find ways to be a strong female leader in the community.

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