Born in San Diego and raised in Chula Vista, Connor has the privilege of continuing to live and work in the community that he loves and calls home. Connor first found the High Tech High community as a student at High Tech High Chula Vista from 2009-2013. Then after graduating, Connor attended the University of California San Diego where he studied Cognitive & Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Education Studies.
While at UCSD, Connor developed a passion for the brain, as well as exploring the relationship between factors such as our environmental experiences and our learning and development. Throughout much of his youth, Connor dealt with chronic anxiety that often left him fatigued and downhearted. It is because of these experiences that he now strives to build meaningful relationships with his students in addition to teaching science content; and as often as possible to incorporate social-emotional learning into his lessons. His hope is that his students will not only leave his classroom as more confident scientists, but also as more thoughtful humans with a deeper understanding of themselves.
When he isn’t in the classroom you will likely find Connor out exploring with his dogs. He enjoys spending time outdoors and finds that some of his best thinking happens while he is walking in wilderness. He also enjoys spending time with his family; listening to and writing music (guitar is his favorite instrument to play), cooking, and staying up to date on all of the new and interesting scientific experiments and discoveries!

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