I began my art career at the age of four. I remember copying a coloring book page instead of coloring it in with crayons. My preschool teacher praised my ability to recreate the drawing that I seen in the book. My peers said that it was cool. My mother hung it on the refrigerator and later stored it with my other childhood memorabilia. It was the first time I can remember being congratulated. Fast forward to junior high school, with encouragement from my teachers, I was entering art fairs and winning awards for my artwork. While in high school I fell in love with ceramics and sculpture and got my first kiln and potter’s wheel (both of which I still have today). I received my art degree from San Diego State University and after college I began working for the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Later, I started a mural painting business for five years and I opened my own Art gallery in downtown San Diego which lasted for three years.
I began teaching at High Tech High Media Arts in January 2015. This has allowed my artistic journey to come full circle. Now I am the teacher full of praise for the beauty that students share with me everyday. Thank you for taking the time to explore this amazing world.

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