David is extremely passionate about designing, making and exploring the unknown. He spent 3 years working as a low voltage electrician, during which time he developed a great adoration of building, tinkering, and problem solving. He believes that the universe is an untapped well of knowledge just waiting to be consumed and looks forward to inspiring that enthusiasm for learning in every student he encounters.
He came to HTM in May of 2011 and became the Extended Services Director. He began his first year teaching in 7th grade in 2013, teaching math and life science. His favorite project was when his students researched animals in captivity, designed Zoo enclosures for those animals and their natural habitats, and presented those designs to Architects at the San Diego Zoo. The next year, he taught 8th grade math and physics and was ecstatic to work with some of the same students. Building on their success from 7th grade, his students hosted an Air Pressure Carnival and constructed steel Marble Roller Coasters that demonstrated properties of motion. He also has co-directed the Summer Bridge Program for incoming 6th graders for the last 5 years. He then served two years as the Dean of Students at High Tech Middle Media Arts, where he supported the development of a positive school culture through fostering meaningful relationships. Now as the Director, Dave is constantly working with his colleagues to ensure all of our students have access to the highest quality education and best experience possible at HTMMA.
Before coming to High Tech High, David was the after school program director at Francis Parker Lower School, working there for 6 years, during which time he grew to understand the value of building relationships in an educational setting. David graduated Magna Cum Laude from National University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics and later obtained his single subject teaching credential in mathematics and science from High Tech High Graduate School of Education. In the spring of 2017 David completed his Masters in Education in School Leadership through the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. David also recently completed his preliminary Administrative Credential through the San Diego County Office of Education. He has traveled Paris, Mexico, safaried in South Africa, and survived driving on the streets of Italy. In his free time, he enjoys boogie boarding at the beach, playing the drums and listening to music and working on his golf handicap!

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