Edrick has spent the last 20 years as an educator for the Chula Vista community, 12 years at Finney Elementary School for CVESD, and the last 8 years teaching at HTMCV. He is looking forward to continuing his service for the HTH community as HTHCV’s new Director. Growing up, Edrick attended Bonita Middle and Eastlake High School, so he feels honored and blessed to be able to give back to the Chula Vista community. After high school, Edrick attended SDSU where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and his Multiple Subject CLAD Credential. In 2008, he entered the HTH Graduate School of Education, and completed his course of study with a Master of Education degree in Teacher Leadership in 2010. When Edrick is not in the classroom, he used to train for endurance runs, roam the local trails on his mountain bike, an on occasion would play a little golf. But now, Edrick and his beautiful wife are busy with life taking care of their 19 month old daughter. So now you can find Edrick potty training, singing silly songs, reading tons of books like, Quantum Physics for Babies, and sharing the beauty of the world with his little girl and wife.

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