Elizabeth Martinez was born in Salinas, California in 1994. Although her childhood consisted of moving from city to city every year due to her father’s job, at the age of 7 her family finally settled for 11 years in Bakersfield, California where she went to elementary school, middle school, and graduated from High School. After her graduation her family made a quick decision to move to San Diego, California to be closer to family. Here Elizabeth would complete her Associate’s in Business Management and Accounting and also complete her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from California College San Diego. Her Journey in the High Tech High community began five years ago in March 2013, where she started as an Afterschool Assistant for High Tech Elementary Explorer, which at the time was known as Explorer Elementary Charter School. She would later become the After School Program Director which taught her the importance of having an after school program, a program where parents can leave their kids in good hands while they work, and a place where students can build/cultivate relationships with each other and with staff. In August 2016 Elizabeth began a new journey/challenge in her life; transitioning to HIGH SCHOOL! She has greatly enjoyed being the Site Manager at The Gary & Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High. There are always new challenges, and new opportunities that not only the children face but the staff as well. I truly believe HTH strives to help prepare our students for those challenges and how to overcome them, and also gives the staff the opportunity to expand their wings and grow to continue making this place an amazing place for everyone who walks through our doors.

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