My name is Geneva Clark and I am the Environmental Science teacher at High Tech High International. I am currently teaching at the 12th grade level, and words cannot even describe how blessed I feel to be here as a blessing unto others. From the students and parents to my fellow staff members, I know that I have finally found my special place in this Universe. Everyone is family to me, and day by day it feels like we are all arriving from a journey together. Each positive and teachable moment is a reminder of why I am here, and how I am creating a brighter future for myself and others. Because of my family situation I grew up moving around a lot, but ultimately I found my way to San Diego State University where I got my Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science. Having a background in multidisciplinary science gave me a planetary perspective on how everything is connected to a greater whole, and it also elevated my awareness on how human activities are also changing the Earth as we know it. My passion for scientific knowledge, higher truth, and human connection aligned my path into becoming a teacher and lifelong learner. As a result, I returned to San Diego State University to pursue their teaching credential program within secondary math and science. I graduated from the School of Teacher Education holding a dual credential in Earth/Space Science and Biology with a CLAD Authorization. My next steps are to obtain a master’s degree in the art of teaching that focuses on biological sciences through the Advanced Inquiry Program with Project Dragonfly accredited through Miami University with San Diego Zoo Global as my Master Institution. With that being said, I am an Aztec for Life! I want to thank all of the educators who have impacted my life: my teachers growing up, my professors/mentors at SDSU, my guide teachers within my credential program, and all of the educators I have gotten to know within the HTH community. All of you represent the heart of what I do. Most of all I want to thank my parents and relatives for continuously supporting my dreams through their love and guiding light. Dedicating my life to others has given me the opportunity to reach my highest potential. I hope to bring out the highest potential in all people. Lastly I will share my greatest mantra: the more I can learn, the more I can teach- change yourself and you’ve changed the world!

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