In September of the year 1986, in a hospital in Glendale, CA, Guy MacLaury (me) was born. A lot of people ask why my parents would name me Guy, and the truth of it is that they didn’t have much of a choice. My grandpa is Guy, my dad is Guy, I’m Guy, and you can bet that when/if my wife and I have a son, his name will be Guy too. That’s a lot of Guys.

Born and raised in Southern California, I have a strong bond with sand, water, mountains, dry winds and long drives. I’ve been teaching since my early twenties and I don’t see any end in sight. While teaching guitar and woodshop in my early years, something latched ahold of me and I haven’t been able to shake it since. I spent some time abroad teaching English as a Second Language, then moved back to California where I found other jobs teaching English. I received my Teaching Credential from San Diego State University in 2018. The teaching journey continues!

I am a curious, passionate, energetic, wondering, wandering, relaxed individual who takes all of these things and brings them into his classroom. Here is a list of passions/topics that will always get me talking and listening. Feel free to come on by with a cup of coffee and have a conversation.

-coffee (trees, roasting, drinking, etc.)
-having a daughter!
-sea animals
-different countries
-hidden gems of SD County
-awesome restaurants
-bike riding
-getting lost
-crock pot recipes
-stretches for back pain
-car trouble
-The Walking Dead TV show
-California Burritos
-scenic drives

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