Raised in sunny San Diego all her life, she is a recent graduate of PLNU’s School of Education. With a Bachelor’s degree in Education, she also holds a Single Subject Teaching Credential in English and is currently considering adding on an additional one in Social Science as well. She recently began her graduate degree journey at Arizona State (Go Sun Devils!) and has chosen to specialize in Special Education/Applied Behavior Analysis. Her hope is to have her Master’s degree completed by June of 2022. She also is seeking to obtain a BCBA board certification. In her eyes, learning and behavior analysis go hand in hand. She believes in the unrivaled power of being a multi-disciplinary practitioner (this is the closest thing she can get to being a wizard. She’s also a big Harry Potter fan!) She is passionate about ensuring that inclusion and equity are not only expected and guaranteed within the classroom, but that they are also to be celebrated as well After graduation, she knew that the HTH community was the perfect place to not only meet her goals, but to also continue growing as an educator and lifelong learner. She feels incredibly blessed to work somewhere where her budding educational philosophy aligns perfectly with HTH’s core values and beliefs She has played many roles with High Tech and has switched from the role of Academic Coach to Long Term Substitute Teacher and now into the role of Academic Support Teacher! In her free time, Kayla thoroughly enjoys hobbies such as reading, baking, cooking, fitness, the outdoors, listening to and collecting KPOP albums and looking for the best coffee shops our city has to offer. Fun fact: She also has a personal training certification and is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast!

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