Mr. Kevin grew up in a military family, and moving all over the country and seeing how big the world really is sparked his passion for learning and exploration. Being the oldest brother of five siblings also established his role as a mentor at an early age, a responsibility and vocation he carried with him into his professional career as a coach. Kevin’s biggest joy in life is helping kids find their “lightbulb moment”; that wonderful feeling of accomplishment when they overcome an obstacle, figure out a solution, expand their understanding, or stick the landing. Whether in athletics or academics, he strives to build an inclusive ‘team’ community based on Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration. In spite of having lived in so many places, over the past 15 years San Diego has become home. In his spare time he enjoys getting lost in a book, wandering a beautiful National Park, or playing with his dogs at the beach. He believes you’re never too young or too old to explore the wonder of Nature, maintain a strong and healthy curiosity, or learn something new!

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