When I was a child all I wanted to do was build things with Legos and get lost in the imaginary worlds I experienced in tv, movies and video games. I have always had an interest in airplanes, spaceships and rockets and at one point dreamed of being an astronaut. I took those passions and decided to study Aerospace Engineering at UCSD. After college I chased my dream job and moved to Texas only to steer myself into a boring desk job. I had an opportunity to share my job to a class of students and realized a change in scenery was in order. I moved back to San Diego and earned a Teaching Credential at SDSU. This is my third year as a part of the HTHCV crew and I’m thrilled to be back and excited by the challenges and opportunities this year will bring! When I’m not in the classroom or listening to podcasts on my commute I can be found at my local game shop playing all sorts of board and card games or at the movie theater absorbing the latest blockbuster. I also enjoy playing video games with my children and occasionally building new lego worlds with my nephews.

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