I am in my 11th year here at HTH Chula Vista and I am excited to continue my work as a 12th grade engineering & design teacher. In my class I value student agency and developing the skills students need to drive their own learning and to discover what they value. Before teaching at HTH I worked as a design engineer for a bearing manufacturer. My time there showed me what is needed to be successful in the world beyond school and it has shaped what I teach in my classroom. I believe that what we do in my class is applicable to all students, whether they are pursuing engineering or some other field. Outside of school I am an avid music lover. I enjoy listening to live music and I am often moved by the level of positivity that comes from a group of people dancing and having a good time together. I dabble in creating music as well. I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and consider myself a synth head. I enjoy sharing my love of music with the students and try to often design projects around music. To stay healthy I go to the climbing gym and rejuvenate by being outdoors.

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