I was at a loss as to what to write on my bio page… say I asked people closest to me for help. Here’s what I got…

My Dad says…
Matt’s dad says he has always like Matt’s sense of humor and intelligence. Seeing Matt grow up was like having his own Jeopardy contestant, except that Matt never answered in the form of a question. That was a little annoying. Before Google there was Matt.

Matt’s Wife Katie Says…
Matt is the most thoughtful and loyal person I know but more importantly, he is devilishly handsome. He is a natural teacher and has a gift for conveying the complexities of the world and answering the endless barrage of “Why?” questions from our 2 and 3 year old kids. He is a self-taught carpenter who routinely attempts insane projects, the house chef, and my mom’s favorite child. He loves traveling and experiencing all he can in life. His adventurous spirit is contagious to all around him and although he used to travel the world (and hopes to do more soon), he now spends time searching for the best bounce house and playgrounds for the kids.

Matt’s Mom answered in the form of four limericks…

There once was a lad named Matt Martin,
Who loved studying math, science, and lichen,
He amazed his teachers,
Hit baseballs in the bleachers,
And then saw the world while travelin’.

There once was a lad named Matt Martin,
Who loved golf, travelling and campin’,
He challenged his teachers,
Enjoyed exciting ventures,
But, now he’s changing diapers!

There once was a lad named Matt Martin,
Who kept his fire rescue well hidden,
He became quite a hero,
But without any ego,
And now he’s loved by a million!

There once was a Matt from Pennsylvania,
Who was always quite a bit of an outlaw,
He played jokes on his teachers,
Ran with all kinds of creatures,
But always loved his grandma and grandpa!

My sister says….
I’m a show off, I play with fireworks too much, I learned everything I know from video games, well except the dog. I taught her everything she knows… about getting away with things, Brothers are like a box of chocolates… Sweet on the outside and nutty on the inside. She wouldn’t trade me for the last person on earth…

Matt’s Toddlers say…
My Daddy is big and strong

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