“Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home” ~Gaye, Strong & Whitfield That’s been me! Born in the United Kingdom a very long time ago, living on several continents, marrying a Brazilian wife, adopting children from different continents and finally ending up in San Diego. I am grateful that, after 2 other distinct careers and staying at home to raise my young children, I have found a home at High Tech Middle North County. I have seen, through my own children (now in 10th, 9th and Kinder), that High Tech High mirrors my love for independent thought and teaching. I am passionate about science and math. I believe that our society needs to be scientifically literate and have a grasp of math that enables us to be critical of the world. Not everyone needs to be a scientist or mathematician, however we all need to be able to cut through the dogmas that engulf our society; science and math knowledge can help us do that! In my spare time I love to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, play football (soccer), sail, travel with family and make things. I support Liverpool F.C. #YNWA and all the New England teams!

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