More than anything else, I feel my true calling is in the classroom with teachers and students. And it is this love for classroom teaching and learning that I hope to bring to my leadership role at HTe Mesa. Prior to joining the High Tech High community, I taught primary grades in New York City public schools for seven years and served as a literacy specialist for another ten years at the Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. In that role, I had the privilege of supporting teachers, coaches and administrators across the United States, and in international cities such as Paris and Shanghai. Wonderful as that work was, I missed being in a school community on a day to day basis––a yearning that led me to forge a role as an academic director and instructional coach at the Harlem Village Academy in Harlem, New York. This was a particularly thrilling role that allowed me to combine these administrative duties with daily teaching in a kindergarten classroom. I’m thrilled to be joining the Clairemont neighborhood and the greater High Tech High community alongside my husband and four children. We all look forward to making San Diego our new home.

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