Raineir Pesebre graduated in 2012 from San Diego State University with a double major in Sociology and Philosophy. He worked in the San Diego Unified School District as a Visiting Teacher for five years from 2014 to early 2019 until his involvement with High Tech as a long term substitute at Hight Tech High Chula Vista for 11th grade. Raineir is now working with middle school students at High Tech Middle Chula Vista and it’s been a wonderful journey thus far! Raineir hopes to instill in students a sense of independent self-discipline and a consistent curiosity as the foundation for a lifetime of learning through action. The importance of assertive compassion, a healthy sense of humor, and learning from mistakes is at the basis of his day to day interaction with students. Raineir was born and raised in San Diego and spent the first eight years of childhood living in the Paradise Hills community of Southeast San Diego. Being in a military family, he spent two and a half years living on Yokosuka Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan. Moving back to San Diego, specifically Chula Vista in 2000, he began playing music and became involved in the local music and arts scene in San Diego in which he is still a part of, as facilitator and founder of LUX ET VITAE, an independent record label comprised of a collection of multifaceted artists known in the community as THE LIBRARY. Raineir is the advisor for LIGHT & SOUND, a club at HTHCV run as a student collective which aims at connecting students to the many facets of local music and arts through direct and intentional involvement. In his free time, Raineir enjoys listening to Wu Tang Clan while folding and ironing his clothes, drawing doodles of animals saying funny things, snapping photos of office supplies, playing shows with friends, writing and recording music at his studio, eating Japanese food in Kearny Mesa, and walking in places with more trees than people.

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