Hello! I am Ms. Shar. I grew up in Tijuana, Mexico with an animal loving family always surrounded by nature. After finishing middle school, I started volunteering for a non-profit organization painting with children of all ages. There I knew I wanted to spend as much time as possible working with children to give them the opportunities and tools for self-expression and discovery. Since then, I’ve always tried to find ways to get involved in workshops, orphanages and underserved communities with the mission of giving children access to the joys of Art. After graduating from UCSD with a B.A. in Visual Arts I began working at HTeCV’s after school program right when the school first opened. After a couple of years as an after school instructor I had the awesome opportunity to support students in first grade as an Academic Coach. From there I began working towards earning my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential at High Tech High’s Graduate School of Education. From 2015-18 In HTeCV I’ve worked as an intern for kindergarten, as a long-term substitute teacher for second grade and as an art teacher in the exploratory block. It has been an amazing journey in which I’ve been able to work and collaborate with a community that has given me the chance to support and encourage our students to be the best they can be. I am super excited for my second year as HTeCV’s STEAM teacher.One of my goals is to raise environmental awareness and get students to fall in love with nature. Every Wednesday I help students run a gardening club after-school in which students work really hard to beautify and maintain both the vegetable and the butterfly garden. I feel passionate about creating a safe and rich environment where the learning is visible and where it is safe for students to take risks, innovate, feel that their contributions matter and get them excited to be life-long learners and world explorers!

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