Sophie is so excited to be joining the community at HTeNC. In her free time Sophie can be found doing a puzzle or reading a book with a cup of tea. She has a passion for working with children and is glad for the opportunity to work in a school where students and staff alike have a drive to learn. Growing up, she loved learning and finding out new things about the world, however her school didn’t foster or guide this love and made the learning process boring and irrelevant. She became determined to become a teacher and help children become life long learners who are interested in their education. Sophie received her B.A in liberal arts from Sonoma State University. While at Sonoma State, Sophie took seminar and project based classes through the Hutchins school. These classes are what drove her away from traditional schools and eventually toward HTeNC. After receiving her teaching credential, she was an Academic Coach and long term substitute at High Tech Elementary Chula Vista. She can’t wait to start the school year in 5th grade at HTeNC!

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