My name is Susana, I grew up both in Mexico and San Diego. I am new to HTHNC this year. I worked at HTHCV and HTECV, 5 years ago for the after school program, and now I am part of the teaching credential program at the High Tech High learning academy. I graduated from SDSU with a BA in linguistics and minor in French. I have always been intrigued by languages and culture, I discovered my passion for language when I was in high school and decided to learn French, it was like discovering a new world! My passion for French led me to study in Paris, France where I met some of the best people who are now good friends of mine. Living in France opened my mind so much, I decided to move abroad after college, I taught English in Shanghai, China and Taipei, Taiwan. I had the best time of my life =) I like to encourage my students to expand their horizons and discover as much as they can. My biggest influence in my educational career was my French teacher in high school, who really believed in me and encouraged me to be the best person I could be. I want to have an influence on my students the same way she did, shout out to Madame Gillingham at Bonita Vista High! On my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my big Mexican family and all my friends.

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