People ask me why I choose to teach. I tell them that somewhere in the concrete communities of southeast L.A., in the fearful face of a new immigrant on adult school’s opening night, and in the triumphs of a high school senior’s college acceptance letter, teaching chose me. In the challenge of leading fifty upper-division college seniors through an exploration of the geographies of inequity, teaching chose me. And, in the joys of leading middle school students through the twilight of night snorkeling in the kelp forest, teaching has continued to choose me. Throughout my years in education, my career has taken me from teaching swimming to coaching volleyball, from kindergarten through university, from public schools to private, from special education to advanced placement, in English and in Spanish, in the United States and abroad. And as a founding teacher of HTHNC, I am humbled and honored to return this year to work with such a diverse, dynamic, and dedicated team. I am a native Southern Californian who grew up loving being outside playing soccer, volleyball, water polo, surfing, biking, hiking, and creating. I studied at the University of San Diego to complete my degree in International Relations, and at the Fundación Ortega y Gasset in Toledo, Spain to complete my degree in Spanish Language and Culture. After graduation, I went to work in International Business doing Import-Export sales and then went back to graduate school at the University of Southern California to complete my Master’s Degree in Geography. This work inspired me to do my Master’s Thesis field work at the University of Santiago in Chile where I traveled throughout Chile, Peru, and Bolivia to research how ecotourism can be harnessed as a tool for sustainable development. When not teaching, you can find me hanging out with my wife and two daughters playing volleyball, surfing, watching USC football, or walking my dog, Maggie. I love to paint, write, and play music and hope you can catch me and my band sometime when we play in North County. Welcome to the amazing world of Spanish Language and Culture…I’m so excited to work with you, to see you enjoy your Spanish, and to see you create your finest work ever!

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