When Vince started his tech journey, his dad would bring home computer towers for them both to build. That was about all it took for him to explore the realms of tech from computers to video games to even robotics and photography. When the time came for Vince to choose a high school it was natural that he chose a school that involved all these things, low and behold, High Tech High. Vince continued his mission with learning all different technology applications by becoming an IT Intern at High Tech High as a Freshman to his Senior year in 2007. He continued on this exploration well into college at UC Irvine exploring Computer Information Systems. He is excited to be back in the High Tech High community in Chula Vista to help keep things working and innovate new ideas in classrooms with the teaching staff! In his spare time he is a professional freelance videographer documenting music events for local tv show NBC SoundDiego as well as working for his own wedding videography company.

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