Yoli Soler grew up in the San Joaquin Valley surrounded by vineyards, cherry orchards, tons of cows, and of course her familia. She attended UC Davis, and earned a Degree in Sociology and Spanish with a minor in Chican@ Studies. Yoli launched her teaching career in Sacramento. She moved down to sunny SoCal in 2008, and this is her 10th year with HTHCV. Yoli loves teaching her students about the history and culture of Latin American countries. You will often find her and her students learning about these countries and their citizens, instead of conjugating verbs. Yoli and her husband welcomed a baby boy named Dante in May of 2017. They stay busy watching him grow, and explore. They are learning so much! Yoli likes her students to call her Senorita Soler, she says it is part of the Spanish language to use such formalities. For those who are looking into doing some traveling while at High Tech High, Señorita Soler and Señorita Marisol Franco are planning another trip to Spain so stop by to get information.

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